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Untitled-1 Back Alley Beats [Declan Kelly]
wang Danny Wang at Animals Dancing [5 Hours]
otologic Otologic Meredith Closing Set 2012
black 3RRR 27 March 2012 with J’Nett [THE FINALE]
24 3RRR 14 February 2012 with Jake Judd and Nikki Sarafian
14 3RRR 4 October 2011 with DJ Safari
14 3RRR 28 June 2011 with Harri
10 3RRR 31 May 2011 with Jackmaster [RIP Gil Scott Heron]
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No Way Back began life as a 2 hour radio show every week on Melbourne's largest community radio station RRR FM. The show was broadcast every Tuesday night from 10pm - midnight. A sloppily mixed detour through my own record collection and those of others, miss-pronounced names, un-even levels, broken records, croaky throats and a whole bunch of international guests. After wrapping up at RRR FM in March 2012, No Way Back will now continue as something completely different in a digital format. Here lies the archive of what was, a digital graveyard so to speak, and a delivery room of what will be. Feel free to search through the archives of the past/last 2 years worth of the radio show, there are some great moments in there including DJ Harvey talking about space docking at the Berghain and a 2 hour long conversation with Luke Solomon on everything including punks pickling pickles, as well as a bunch of exclusive mixes from local and international DJs.

All uploads from now on will follow a slightly different format, still provided from guests all over, mixes will always be 2 hrs or more. I hope you enjoy and subscribe for further updates

Nice to see you again!

Andee Frost

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